Saturday, April 21, 2012

LP 007 - Strange Harvest - Here Is Where You Are

Lttl Paisly's latest catalog offering comes from new(ish) Dunedin 2-piece Strange Harvest, with their debut full length album Here Is Where You Are.

Insect treble strings, dreamy beats, spectre keys and outlander lyrics graft together on this boy-girl hazy pop release.

Justin Walshaw's voice and guitar drive down the gravel back-roads to the netherworld of memories, where we find Bianca Prujean's soft yet persistent tones snake-charming a type of bitter sweet mutant fruit fizzinade. There is trouble. The sky is on fire. Your thoughts have been demolished.

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Stream four tracks from the album HERE
This 10 track album comes in hand sewn card case, with a selection of seed packets from Otepoti Urban Organics.
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saedie said...

Hey, just wondering how much for a CD and if you'll post it out to Melbourne. Cheers

lttl paisly said...

HI Saedie,
apologies for the delayed response.
CD would be $20 (AUD) postage included. We accept paypal if that suits. Email for more information.