Friday, February 13, 2009

WIRE 300

Wire Magazine Issue #300 bonus CD - Dirt Beneath The Daydream.

Go get the Feb 09 Wire or score the latest White Fungus.The Bonus CD contains a nice whack of Dunedin & personal favourite type NZ artists/musics. It was compiled & produced by The Audio Foundation in NZ. Tracks by Rory Storm, Eye, Crude, Greg Malcolm, The Futurians, Rosy Parlane, Adam Willetts, Omit, Alex MacKinnon, Richard Neave & Lee Noyes, Damian Stewart, Kraus, Witcyst, LA Lakers, Bruce Russell, Sandoz Lab Technicians, Rachel Shearer, Demarnia Lloyd & Stuart Harris, Sam Hamilton, Stanier Black-Five and Currer Bells.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


The terrificly awesome news is that Rise of the City Cat Cult have done gone lined up a show in Dunedin, with fellow purveyours of electro low bit punk wave Golden Axe. The gig is booked for Saturday the 28th March 2009. They'll take the opportunity to release a new ccc album (lp002) on the night. More details as they come to hand. In the meantime...Here's video footage of r.o.t.c.c.c, performing at Spacething (Newtown, Wellinton) on 22/11/08 - shot by Tania Price.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Production Line Stylings - Ugly Ambition

Check it - The new Aesthetics album Ugly Ambition is getting it's covers hand-screened down at Lttl Paisly HQ. There's just 250 copies of this 12" hot black vinyl album. Officially to be released on the Artless Intent label. Each cover will of course be slightly individual but keep your eyes peeled for special editioned non b+w copies said to contain the mitochlorians of Matt Middleton himself! If your'e in Dunedin at the end of February & need some repose from Blackseeds/Orientation typo bullshit then come down to the release party.

Anyone interested in commisioning Lttl Paisly for screenprinting jobs (posters/t-shirts/album covers & outlandish concepts) should contact us here. 

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Got off to a great start with The Autoharpies Self Titled 3" minidisc CD-R.

The harps are Ruby Mayday, Bianca Prujean, Rachel Blackburn & Aliki Boufis. Their debut was recorded in our basement here in Lttl P, Mornington, Dunedin, New Zealand - live to four-track & was mastered that very same day by Mandroid. It's full on frontal lobe no wave krunk goth-rock.Covers are made from cardboard, hand sewn & screenprinted. To make the first release super dope we designed an Autoharpies band tee too. If you want to suss out these sirens go here. If you want to read about their live exploits, here's a review. If you like what you see/hear/read & want to score a lovingly handcrafted CD or T-shirt, leave a comment or flick us an email at