Friday, February 13, 2009

WIRE 300

Wire Magazine Issue #300 bonus CD - Dirt Beneath The Daydream.

Go get the Feb 09 Wire or score the latest White Fungus.The Bonus CD contains a nice whack of Dunedin & personal favourite type NZ artists/musics. It was compiled & produced by The Audio Foundation in NZ. Tracks by Rory Storm, Eye, Crude, Greg Malcolm, The Futurians, Rosy Parlane, Adam Willetts, Omit, Alex MacKinnon, Richard Neave & Lee Noyes, Damian Stewart, Kraus, Witcyst, LA Lakers, Bruce Russell, Sandoz Lab Technicians, Rachel Shearer, Demarnia Lloyd & Stuart Harris, Sam Hamilton, Stanier Black-Five and Currer Bells.

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