Friday, March 6, 2009

Midnight Double Tag Team 32 Bit vs Dr Rhythm Heavyweight Championship of the Universe

Saturday the 28th March 2009 - Rise of the City Cat Cult Album Release Party & swee+ hookup with Golden Axe from Ak.
Djs General Winter (dn) & Giorgio Mordor (ak) bring the north south magnetic weapons of sonic assimilation and everyone has a very good party with very exciting & fascinating musical adventures. Ride the Dragon, escape the carniverous flora, rescue the villagers & absorb the majestic unearthly sonic pink sound/light krunkopated multidirectional kill screen songs of the future.
$5 Entry / Midnight / BYO

5 B Buller St / Over Jetty St Bridge

Pre-orders for the commemorative t-shirt (poster image) & the rotccc 3 inch minidisc (lp002) can be placed here in the comments.