Saturday, October 24, 2009

LP004 - The Strangegirls - You Are Still The One

Recorded on a sunny day at a picnic area near Broad Bay Dunedin, You Are Still The One captures CJA & Smokehouse at their most earnest (catch idle peices of chitter chatter between the two) most stripped back (i.e cheap mic between the two of them jamming outside) & most natural (you can actually hear the wind and the birds...along with microphone pops and traffic noise) new release on lttlp p. Limited edition minidisc with paisly fabric backing and real grass clippings from the site. 7 beautiful heartfelt tracks from dunedin's most revered & mysterious acoustic bard 2 piece. Available NOW.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Deathstar Disco XIII

We're building a spaceship...actually, we're building a fleet of them. The New Futurians Album Citadel gets its release this Halloween - at Deathstar Disco XIII. If you like origami and or na-no-wave. If you like Boney M. If you like Black Sabbath. Get down to the show. There's also Strangegirls, Voodoo Gangster, Golden Axe & Murder Bike in the Lttl P Music catalogue pipeline. Maybe we'll just explode.

LP003 - The Futurians Citadel (3 inch mini cd-r encased in origami spaceship) - strictly limited quantity. Pre-order in the comments if you feel lucky.

Deathstar Disco XIII
featuring The Futurians, Zombie? Fuck!, Murderbike, The Strangegirls & Voodoo Gangster. Saturday October 31st 2009. Chicks Hotel, Port Chalmers Dn.