Thursday, October 8, 2009

Deathstar Disco XIII

We're building a spaceship...actually, we're building a fleet of them. The New Futurians Album Citadel gets its release this Halloween - at Deathstar Disco XIII. If you like origami and or na-no-wave. If you like Boney M. If you like Black Sabbath. Get down to the show. There's also Strangegirls, Voodoo Gangster, Golden Axe & Murder Bike in the Lttl P Music catalogue pipeline. Maybe we'll just explode.

LP003 - The Futurians Citadel (3 inch mini cd-r encased in origami spaceship) - strictly limited quantity. Pre-order in the comments if you feel lucky.

Deathstar Disco XIII
featuring The Futurians, Zombie? Fuck!, Murderbike, The Strangegirls & Voodoo Gangster. Saturday October 31st 2009. Chicks Hotel, Port Chalmers Dn.

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