Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The Release Party for ROTCCC's lttl p minidisc was majestic. A jagged pirahna jaw of keyboards, synths & pedals lined the front of house poised to exert a vice-like grip of no-wave post noise marmalade pop on it's devotees. The cat cult totally sonically slayed the 100+ people that ventured to an obscure across the tracks artist run space that night in Dunedin. With a broadsword Golden Axe transported Herne the Hunter to the discoteque & his horns gently exalted deejays Mordor & Winter who pulsated inbetween sets.

LP002 - ROTCCC is available in stricktly limited quantity. Each minidisc is sewn into the cult cat sleeve, stickered & hand cut. The 3" cdr features three tracks - Sequin Attack, Catwomen Of The Moon & Ca$h To Burn (the disc clocking in at 20 minutes total) Also available through lttl paisly, a back catalogue of Rise Of The City Cat Cult Screenprinted t-shirts in psychedelic, spacie & horror zine flavours. We fill orders to spec, size, placement & color. Just comment or email us to score some.

More Cult recordings can be found on Antony Milton's Seedy-R label.

Coming soon to the Lttl Paisly Music Catalogue & a brain near you, premium underground Dunedin music in the form of Voodoo Gangster, Wolfskull, Dickthephone & The Strangegirls.

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ruby said...

ooh and theres an ROTCCC 7" split with Wolfskull on Root Don Lonie!!