Thursday, February 5, 2009


Got off to a great start with The Autoharpies Self Titled 3" minidisc CD-R.

The harps are Ruby Mayday, Bianca Prujean, Rachel Blackburn & Aliki Boufis. Their debut was recorded in our basement here in Lttl P, Mornington, Dunedin, New Zealand - live to four-track & was mastered that very same day by Mandroid. It's full on frontal lobe no wave krunk goth-rock.Covers are made from cardboard, hand sewn & screenprinted. To make the first release super dope we designed an Autoharpies band tee too. If you want to suss out these sirens go here. If you want to read about their live exploits, here's a review. If you like what you see/hear/read & want to score a lovingly handcrafted CD or T-shirt, leave a comment or flick us an email at


theorez07-12 said...

- awesome! and we love the tee shrt!

m.b stoneman said...

i would love to have a teeshirt. please x love from patea mick