Friday, July 29, 2011

LP 006 - Mental Health Triangle - Knitted Nativity Scene

The Kids are growing up. Back to business. Lttl Paisly are proud to present their latest music catalog offering - MENTAL HEALTH TRIANGLE / Knitted Nativity Scene.
Featuring the vocal/beat/freestyleee talent of Lady Gray,Science Community/International Economy, Jumps, MC Artless,Cryptic Intruder, Sister Vago, Satan Von Dopplebok, Money4P, Peter Pun and other bodies, the MH▲ have ripped a black hole in the garage rap scene in Dunedin in the last two years, with mind blowingly psychedelic Remote Control Sessions, Killer EPs and blowup live shows. Knitted Nativity Scene was recorded upstairs at NONE GALLERY between 2009 and 2011.
It's a 12 track album lovingly skinned in hypercolored triangle gloss trip-rez packaging and you need it in your life. $15 / orders in the comments or hook up with GLUE GALLERY for some of that sweet action.

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The collage is amazing!!