Sunday, November 25, 2012

LP008 - de novo : flat ontology

As part of Armstong Vaughn's Glue Gallery residency, an uber-picnic / performance day was organised in the Dunedin Botanic Garden sound shell (25/11/12) to see in the release of our 8th music catalog item, de novo's flat ontology
Armstrong brought together Dunedin artists NN PA DA, Kahu, The Spacefold Orchestra, AJ. Sharma, De Novo (feat. Hardklaw) and Aviatrix/Lunam Pool in celebration amongst the 21st century hyper-children, amused marble animals and slightly confused sunday garden strollers.

Distant ambient / micro inflected trance , with a red lichen mentality that bonds interstellar travelers to primitive cavern dwellers and manifests in the future consciousness of the benevolent psychic space hotel operator as you order that venuslian cocktail with the holographic retro toothpick umbrella.
de novo : flat ontology 12 inch lathe cut record comes with sewn sleeve, holey cut-out cover with fabric insert.
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

LP 007 - Strange Harvest - Here Is Where You Are

Lttl Paisly's latest catalog offering comes from new(ish) Dunedin 2-piece Strange Harvest, with their debut full length album Here Is Where You Are.

Insect treble strings, dreamy beats, spectre keys and outlander lyrics graft together on this boy-girl hazy pop release.

Justin Walshaw's voice and guitar drive down the gravel back-roads to the netherworld of memories, where we find Bianca Prujean's soft yet persistent tones snake-charming a type of bitter sweet mutant fruit fizzinade. There is trouble. The sky is on fire. Your thoughts have been demolished.

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Listen to Strange Harvest on National Radio's Music101 HERE
Stream four tracks from the album HERE
This 10 track album comes in hand sewn card case, with a selection of seed packets from Otepoti Urban Organics.
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Friday, July 29, 2011

LP 006 - Mental Health Triangle - Knitted Nativity Scene

The Kids are growing up. Back to business. Lttl Paisly are proud to present their latest music catalog offering - MENTAL HEALTH TRIANGLE / Knitted Nativity Scene.
Featuring the vocal/beat/freestyleee talent of Lady Gray,Science Community/International Economy, Jumps, MC Artless,Cryptic Intruder, Sister Vago, Satan Von Dopplebok, Money4P, Peter Pun and other bodies, the MH▲ have ripped a black hole in the garage rap scene in Dunedin in the last two years, with mind blowingly psychedelic Remote Control Sessions, Killer EPs and blowup live shows. Knitted Nativity Scene was recorded upstairs at NONE GALLERY between 2009 and 2011.
It's a 12 track album lovingly skinned in hypercolored triangle gloss trip-rez packaging and you need it in your life. $15 / orders in the comments or hook up with GLUE GALLERY for some of that sweet action.

Friday, November 27, 2009

LP003 - The Futurians - Citadel

On Sunday the 29th of March 2009, Duckling Monster, CJA the Pirate, ISO12 & Rocko Mandroid gathered at the Stafford Street Tardus (Iso's recording suite/bedroom) and cut an album infront of a live studio audience. The result was The Futurians - Citadel. 4 completely new un-rehearsed songs. Lttl P extracted the recordings from Iso's recording pond and lavishly encased the audio in a origami kill screen spaceship. This release is an essential for any Futurians fan. The band has left a trail of sonic destruction in the last few years and it's not slowing down with forthcoming releases on Last Visible Dog & Root Don Lonie For Cash. Grab this release before it becomes the stuff of science fiction.
The Futurians - Citadel
1 - Radiate Love Tales 6:51
2 - Turok: Son of Stone 4:58
3 - Day Glow Monitor 4:18
4 - Battlefield Action Household 5:15
Available in strictly limited quantity because our thumbs are getting sore.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

LP005 - Murderbike S/T

Murderbike - the garage tech minimal synth electro stylings of ISO12 & RGB. On May 20th, 2009 this amazing Dunedin 2 piece set their gears up in the Otago University Students Association foyer and played a half hour live set as part of Radio One, 91fm's Balcony Sessions. The performance was broadcast in live fm as well as audio/video streamed across the internet. 20 minutes of live audio cut from the desk going to the radio feed presents here in minidisc, cased in a cute as fuck lttl red, blue or green helmet with screenprinted overlay. Turn it up really loud and give the next door neighbour's axolotl a night of robodiscogrimecrackle.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

LP004 - The Strangegirls - You Are Still The One

Recorded on a sunny day at a picnic area near Broad Bay Dunedin, You Are Still The One captures CJA & Smokehouse at their most earnest (catch idle peices of chitter chatter between the two) most stripped back (i.e cheap mic between the two of them jamming outside) & most natural (you can actually hear the wind and the birds...along with microphone pops and traffic noise) new release on lttlp p. Limited edition minidisc with paisly fabric backing and real grass clippings from the site. 7 beautiful heartfelt tracks from dunedin's most revered & mysterious acoustic bard 2 piece. Available NOW.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Deathstar Disco XIII

We're building a spaceship...actually, we're building a fleet of them. The New Futurians Album Citadel gets its release this Halloween - at Deathstar Disco XIII. If you like origami and or na-no-wave. If you like Boney M. If you like Black Sabbath. Get down to the show. There's also Strangegirls, Voodoo Gangster, Golden Axe & Murder Bike in the Lttl P Music catalogue pipeline. Maybe we'll just explode.

LP003 - The Futurians Citadel (3 inch mini cd-r encased in origami spaceship) - strictly limited quantity. Pre-order in the comments if you feel lucky.

Deathstar Disco XIII
featuring The Futurians, Zombie? Fuck!, Murderbike, The Strangegirls & Voodoo Gangster. Saturday October 31st 2009. Chicks Hotel, Port Chalmers Dn.